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Hey, please don't do it. You are stronger than that. Even if you don't like life right now, times change, but you won't get a chance to enjoy better times if you go now.



Thank you for your answer but I don't like to talk about my life, especially when I see that other people are doing shit too. That does not make it better. But surely everyone else will find their way. I'll find my way now too... bye.




Since when do you feel that way? It is ok to feel like this and there are many people who have made similar experiences, especially in this chat. So if you would like to tell us a bit about your life, your family, school, if you have any hobbies or pets or if you had a dream when you were little, we will be delighted to listen. 



People have given me the feeling that I don't want to live anymore and then I don't get anything anymore I hate myself anyway and don't see any sense in finding goals, why do you do that. One can certainly understand that people have the desire to die, so don't be surprised. It used to be like that, it hasn't changed in society. There are no things that bring me joy every time I ask the question that's unnecessary is that even real. Please wish me better off in heaven. Maybe I'll make it there soon even though I'll probably fail trying is it worth it just like it was an attempt to fit into life didn't work out...